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Hey there! I'm Essra Kare. I am a Palestinian living on Turtle Island. The land I am currently on belongs to the Mississaugas of the First Credit Nation.

The opportunity of pursuing my career is possible due to the displacement and the ethnic cleansing of the indigenous people of Turtle Island. By clicking here, you can find links to resources to better educate you on this matter and other very important matters to me. 

My values as a beginning entrepreneur are to always find ways to improve as a professional and a citizen of the Earth. It is my duty to inspire creativity in others, support the needs of local businesses, and always stand up for what is right. I believe that business mixes with the community and my views should not be hidden from my audience.

That being said, I look forward to guiding you through your branding needs as well as teaching and learning from you on how to make the world a better place! 

Now, a little about my creative side. I've had the pleasure of experiencing all the different aspects of the creative industry. 

The uniqueness of this industry is that you don't need to have post-secondary education. All you need is determination, creativity, and pain. Art thrives on the strong emotions we feel throughout our lives. It keeps us in check and drives us insane at the same time.

Art is found everywhere and branding is very important to your business' success.

Just close your eyes and think of a popular brand. What's the first thing you see? Is it not their logo? 

Now that you got to know me a little bit, why don't I get to know you?

Find out how I can help you from clicking on these pages below! 

Vehicle Wraps

Choose from small decals to a full commercial wrap.


Wall murals come in printed graphics to 3D logos. 

Art Pieces

Check out the art pieces in stock! Not want you need? 

Make a customized one!


Need help coming up with your branding? Whether you need a logo designed from scratch or rebranding done, Check this out!

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